Is your pet an international world traveler?

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Hey, Ya'll! Murphy here, tonight. We are going to talk about traveling with your pets for one more night. We are going to talk about traveling outside of the United States.

One thing to remember is that the requirements to take your pets into foreign countries are extremely variable. Some countries require simply a current health certificate and rabies vaccine, while others require specially timed vaccines and even a 6 month quarantine. Though Hawaii is obviously part of the U.S., it is a state whose requirements are more stringent even than most foreign countries. This is because it is an island state that does not have rabies present in the pet or wildlife population. Many island nations have similar requirements.

Travel with pets across Europe has become easier with the pet passport, but there is no passport for pets traveling from the United States. Typically, if traveling to countries besides Canada and Mexico, you are best off contacting that country's embassy. The websites for requirements are not always up to date. There are also a few services that can help you travel with your pets. These can make your travels MUCH easier!

That's all we have for traveling advice. Have safe and happy travels this summer! With the Fourth of July on Friday, the office will be closed. Please plan ahead and call the office if you need tranquilizers to help your pet make it through the noise of fireworks!

Happy Fourth of July! We are truly blessed to live where we do!